Away with wicks and stiks

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Today I would like to talk about objects that some of you might find strange and boring but I beg to differ.  They won’t cost you a cent, they are easy to be found and look great around your home.   I am talking about natural objects like tree branches, palm husks, willow sticks and the like.  Their phenomenal textural elements and boundless versatility are renowned amongst interior stylists, event decorators and store visual merchandisers.

The palm tree husks, for example, look great in an oversized vase or a glass bottle (these husks are quite heavy and long) which you can then place on a dinner or side table to create a dramatic centrepiece or at the bottom of a staircase as a focal point.  The other great idea for a centrepiece on a dining table is to place small tea light candles inside the husk’s cavity.  Oranges, lemons or limes will not only look great too but will fill the room with a delicious aroma.

The other option is to tie a string around the husk’s neck and then hang it on a narrow wall or if the wall is quite large – have few of them hanging in a group to create a bold statement.

I also love to use curly bushy branches that are part of the date palm tree.  They are great when you need to add some texture or contrast to the room’s interior.  Use them the same way as with the husks or get really creative and use paint spray or a food die to change its colour.  A string of LED lights weaved though it could help you to create mood lighting to the room or add a feel of festivity to the outdoor dinner.

The other advantages of these natural objects are that they are free, do not require any maintenance, last forever and are generally easy to get.  All you have to do is take a walk in a park and let your imagination and creativity guide you.  I can picture some of you wrinkling your noses thinking: “I am not bringing home this rubbish!!!” but I urge you to give it a try and can promise you that not only will your home look great but with a personal touch it will be unique.



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