DIY – How to jazz up a plain glass vase

Hi all,

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Apologies for taking too long to write this last post but I simply couldn’t find a time.

In this DIY Project #3 I want to share with you my trick on how to jazz up a simple glass vase employing the same principle, I call triple R  –  ”Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose“.  I used an old glass vase left on a grass strip outside our building and  waiting to be collected by the garbage truck; as well as a piece of wrapping paper I saved from a bunch of flowers given to me by my loving husband.  You can also use a piece of fabric, I suggest plain to avoid the clash with the flowers,  or even a burlap for  more textural and distinctive look.

Just simply wrap the paper around the vase, tucking it underneath and secure at the back with blue tack.  Finish it up by wrapping a piece of ribbon or thick string or a cord around the vase and tie it up with a fancy bow or a simple knot, whatever takes your fancy.  If you are using a piece of fabric, you can secure it at the back with safety pins.

This easy trick is boundlessly versatile – choose the cover according to your mood, time of day, type of event or just for fun – you are only limited by your imagination.

transform a vase before


transform a vase AFTER

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