Flower Power

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The Earth has rotated one more time and we are marching into spring.  At long last.

I have to confess that this winter was not a very good time neither for me nor my family but hopefully it is all in the past and we are facing a bright and beautiful future, literally.

Next time you go out for a walk or rush to your office, just take a moment and have a good look around you.  Notice that the trees don’t look so bare anymore and that spring has finally “sprung” and with it comes the sun and its gentle warm touches that wake up the bright sunny colours all around us.  The flower shops are bursting with a cacophony of smells and a variety of flowers that have just come back to life after months of hibernating.  And once again, City David Jones has presented Sydneysiders with a mesmerizing display of colours, textures and creativity to help awake our senses and imagination.

Why not follow suit and bring the magic of spring into your home? If an artfully constructed bouquet or a flower basket is your cup of tea, then your local flower shop is an option (Seasonal Concepts is one of my favourites)but go a step further and create something of your own, something that reflects your style, taste or simply just your mood.   There are no rules and nothing is right or wrong, from a single stem to a bundle, from an heirloom porcelain tea cup to an aluminium laundry bucket – anything goes, just follow the mantra by British fashion designer Jasper Conran: “Add a little to change a lot.”

If you happen to have just a plain vase, you can jazz it up in with very little effort and no time at all.  For some ideas, please read my post “Away with wicks and sticks
Marina Bays Sands Singapore (3)

 A giant flower display at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

SA, Singapore 2013 185

White orchids are my favourites

SA, Singapore 2013 194

A small colourful detail goes a long way

Decorate your vase (5)

 A single rose

decorate your vase 7

Decorate your vase (11)


Create a visually effective display by using a variety of flowers placed in differently shaped vases in similar texture

Decorate with flowers

A single rose

spring 016

Cherry Blossom is a true a harbinger of spring

Seasonal Concepts (12)

Inside the quirky Seasonal Concepts store

Decorate your vase (18)

White flowers will add sophistication to the dinner setting

decorate with flowers (7)

A vintage tea cup is a perfect way to display your favourite flowers

Decorate your vase (6)

decorate with flowers (1)

Roses in abundance at Bangkok night flower market

decorate with flowers (5)

A celebration of orchids at Bangkok night flower market