You might think that it is too early to talk about Valentine’s Day when it feels that we just recently packed away the Christmas decorations but believe me that time flies and very soon this romantic day will be upon us.

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Making a special gift for someone you love for Valentine’s Day may not be on everybody’s list of New Year resolutions but why not try it?

My idea is so simple that anyone who can hold a paint brush can do it, neither will you need any special tools nor expensive materials.  On the contrary, it is very easy to do but the result is simply outstanding.

All you need is a Solar Jar, a few smooth stones ( black, white or gray – the choice is yours), white or red acrylic paint and a thin paint brush.

valentine's day 007

I am using black stones simply because I have plenty of them lying around in my planter boxes but white or grey stones will work just well.  Using either white or red paint, draw a large letter “X” on one of the stones and a large letter “O” on the other.  Then using a larger size stone, write the word “LOVE” and if you can master it, draw a heart on yet another stone and leave the paint to dry.

valentine's day 011

And that’s basically it.  Open the Solar Jar and place your newly painted exhibits of love on the bottom of it.

Put the lid back on and your special gift is ready.  Give it to someone you love and have a happy Valentine’s Day!!!

valentine's day 019

If my idea appeals to you but you don’t know where to get a Solar Jar, please send an e-mail to solarjar@optusnet.com.au and we will help you to find a stockist near you.