Meet New Artist – Ape

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Now allow me to introduce to you a second artist from the “Meet New Artist” trilogy.

He is secretive and full of surprises. He fancies calling himself Ape, probably because humanity wasn’t meant for him.

Traveller gems seeker, Ape, was raised in Morocco from a French background. He came to Australia almost forty years ago and intermittently lived a bush life for over twenty years before finally settling down in Sydney. He has his own contracting company.

Ape is taking pictures of ephemeral scenes adding a layer of mystery for you to discover. He is inviting the public to a guessing game full of humour and magic with an element of a distinct playfulness in his tableaux.  The result has a primitive feel, amazing depth, a complex colour scheme, extravagant imagination and an explicit creativity.

All Ape‘s scenes tell us fantastic stories from a different time and place, born in his imagination:  beasts, fairies, demons and gods are hiding in all his photographs inviting your reason, your sight and challenging your ability to escape from reality.

In the written portrait of an accidental artist, he wrote:

Hi, my name is Bernard alias Bernie alias Ape, I am a new comer in the wide wonderful world of art (WWW. Art). Well, I always was part of it without really being aware of it!

What it means is that I have forever, or at least since my early teens, cherish this incredible feeling of euphoria when I was able to write in some practical ways what my mind was imagining in very abstract and cryptic mysterious paths! And when it was time to land back in the worlds of reality and normality a lot of it didn’t make all that much sense!

But a tiny part of it, I thought, was prodigiously beautiful and that was enough and I loved that so hard to explain feeling of euphoria when abstract thoughts connected so well with reality!

And time passed by bringing with it new extraordinary horizons and people into my life which distracted me from being some kind of a poet ( still conflict with the term !) but brushed some photographic notions into my soul when I landed in Terra Australis – Australia does something to your soul! The negative of your “raison d’être”!

Slowly and quietly the mantle of humanity weaved its web around my freedom and sent me into a torpor that only Van Wrinkle experienced for twenty years!

And suddenly some friend from a distant past came from the land of eternal “freezedom” and, let say it, kicked my sorry arse and reintroduced me to the WWW.Art! And that is why I have gained some more knowledge about confidence and photography and software editing. A very scary and slippery commodity confidence!

So, all this to say that after trying to make some art and doing things that I like with certain unusual mediums, time has come to lay the ego on the line: “Is this good enough, is this really good enough to be called art?????”
Yes it is, regardless of the notoriety of the artist!

This brings me to the subject of trying to make a living out of doing art and to tell you what are my believes on that matter.
I think art and love of a piece may it be from a famous artist or not should be treated and shared equally by the creator and the people in a very special way.
I believe that an art’s imaginative creation should be treated as a unique piece and not to be duplicated after being acquired by a person who fell in love with it! Unique means one for one!

I strongly believe that the acquisition of a piece of art should be as unique as the creation of the art itself!
I wish the owner of a piece of art should know in his or her mind that it’s the only one of its kind and enjoys it as such!
The original shall and will be always!


Here are some images of his captivating work from the series called “Tales of the Blue Rust“.  If you wish to contact Ape directly, please follow the


Tales of the Blue Rust (7)


Tales of the Blue Rust (6)

Tales of the Blue Rust (5)

Tales of the Blue Rust (4)

Tales of the Blue Rust (3)

Tales of the Blue Rust (2)

Tales of the Blue Rust (1)