Meet New Artist – Martin Metaphoric Metal

Hi All,

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It is time to reveal the last but certainly not least of the talented trio of upcoming artists – Martin Metaphoric Metal.

Martin M M is a contractor and a collector. He scavenges metal scraps with an industrial appeal and puts them together in a unique way. He is a master of Steampunk art.

Masculine and rugged with a touch of a mad scientist, he uses bits and pieces of metal and wood and transforms them into lamps, candle sticks, furniture or sculptures with distinction.

Abandoned factories are where MMM searches for his prime materials, hunting high and low for treasures of heavy steel, dark sultry wood oiled by time – glories long forgotten by the high speed world of common men.  “You search the ghost in the winds whistling in these magic corridors of suspended time.”

I have included some images of Martin’s work for you to enjoy.


4-MmM1.JPGlow resolution

4-MmM.JPGlow resolution

1-MmM5.jpglow resolution

1-MmM2.jpgLow resolution