What I wore – Stripetease

Hello my dear readers,

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As you have probably noticed by now, I am not a spontaneous shopper nor do I follow the latest fashion trends. I very seldom buy clothes on impulse or because it is “hot”, for a few reasons: a) I do not want end up looking like everybody else around me and b) once the trend becomes yesterday’s news, I don’t want face the dilemma of “what should I do with this piece now”? And it is not just the money you pay for it, you have to find valuable space in your wardrobe to store this currently useless item till the wheels of fashion turn over yet again (say every 10 years) when you may be able to wear it once more. My guess is that by that time, you will probably completely forget about its existence.

My philosophy in buying clothes is quite simple and logical, to me at least: avoid impulse shopping, do not succumb to short lived trends; instead look for a timeless classic piece that you never grow tired of and when buying a new piece think what it will go with in your existing wardrobe. Mixing and matching is a lot of fun, and if you can master this trick, you will instantly double or triple the volume of your outfits. I prefer to shop in stores that allow you to bring the item back for a refund and not just for a credit note. I like to bring a new purchase home to see whether it works with what already is in my closet and if it does’t – I will take it back.

There are quite a few items in my wardrobe that go a couple of years back that I love and wear them regardless, such as DVF dresses, black silk slim fit pants, white silk blouse, a couple of knitted cardigans and a pair of black and white wide leg silk pants.

You know that time of a year when the summer is over but real autumn has not settled in yet, when it is hot during the day but once the sun dips into the sea, you wish you had taken a scarf with you when you left the house in the morning. It is during these few weeks in between the seasons that you need what I call transitional clothes. Typically it is a light jacket in neutral colours or silk blouse that you can throw over your shoulders, a light scarf. In my wardrobe – it is a pair of silk wide leg black and white stripy pants. Despite their strong pattern, they can be worn just about everywhere. In daytime they look so chic just with a black t-shirt or a singlet and a cropped linen jacket to fight the evening chill. But swap the jacket for a wide silk blouse that you knot around your waist, add some sparkling jewelry, a pair of smart shoes and a bag to match and you are ready to have a cocktail or two at your favourite bar.

While my daytime attire is all a monochromatic palette of black and white, when I dress for an evening I like to add a punch of contrasting colour using 70-20-10 formula. Traditionally, its applies when selecting a colour scheme for a room where 70% represents the base colour of the room, 20% – is your fav (say turquoise) and 10% is a contrast of colour (say red) for a slice of extra deliciousness.   You won’t believe how a little injection of a delicious red colour sets the mood and changes the palette from monochromatic stillness into a feeling of vibrant movement.



Stripes b &w with red bag